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About BusesDekho

BusesDekho is virtually the first ever online platform dedicated to buses. With 18+ brands covered across buses, vans and rickshaws, casing more than 190 models, BusesDekho remains important to all bus-watchers. Powered by striking search options and brisk tools to deal with evolved bus finding needs, it offers a terminus where buses connect with people and trends most perceptively. Latest industry news, advanced comparison matrix, service assistances and comprehensive bus categories make it the coolest platform to be all informed and guided on buses before you actually buy them!

A Little About The Past..

It all started with CarDekho, back in March 2008, when the foundation stone the fore-product of company was laid by team of four individuals as an initiative towards providing quality information in a quality environment on everything around cars. An offspring of Girnar Software Pvt. Ltd., which is a subsidiary of country's leading IT Company, Girnar Software, CarDekho today is a member of an extended family constituted by several other similar ventures including TrucksDekho, BikeDekho, PriceDekho and more. Right from its very onset, this auto-portal has striven to serve the aspiring buyers, the proud owners, the die-hard fans and the dealers of cars across the nation in every possible way, always trying to be of assistance and support to them as they sought solutions to their many problems related to cars. What has kept us going and growing through all these years is the recognition that our efforts have received on the public platform. From time to time, awards and accolades have been bestowed upon this dedicated venture, inspiring us to do better every time. Starting from the prestigious 'Best Automotive Website of 2009', CarDekho has been presented with various tokens of appreciation by a number of esteemed institutions, including the awards for the 'Best Car Website 2012', 'Most Popular Website 2012' and 'Website of the Year India' given twice in a row - in 2011 and 2012.While these popular recognitions have no doubt been a tremendous morale booster for the CarDekho team, nothing could parallel the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that was stimulated when the site's traffic meter crossed the staggering figure of 3 crore. As per the analytics data, CarDekho served as many as 3.4 crore unique visitors over the first 4 years of its lifetime, which in itself is a record, however, what really made us feel confident about our approach and efforts was the towering figure of 2.5 crore visitors that the site crossed within the single year of 2012, nearly matching its traffic of the past 4 years.

A Little About The Present..

Making the most of its past virtues, BusesDekho boasts itself as one-of-its-kind online portal that redefines bus trade. Take it as an online science marked by human needs and meant to transform the way you find and buy buses!

Functionally, it is about bringing the right mix of features together in the online bus domain. Taking the great lineage of auto-breeders to the next plinth of feat, the system is designed to provide functionally approved tools, tactically optimized consoles and cohesively validated flow of events, so you just get what you need!

Inspired by the successful spell with trucks in the commercial vehicle space, the portal imbibes the TrucksDekho’s model of value-creation to assure a viably-owned and tested solution for buses.

Everything that makes exploring a bus better translates to BusesDekho! With responsive consoles, advanced search intelligence and host of interactive features lying in its womb, BusesDekho turns out to be the most attractive and committed way of finding a bus of your choice, your way!

Look for reviews, pictures, videos, specs, road tests, bus loans, insurance and everything that makes sense finding and buying a bus. The fluid user-friendly interface, trendy features, advanced data mapping, high-on accuracy results, leveraging system consoles and trend-proof knowledge processing make it the first thing to look for when you have bus on your mind! No matter how big or small your bus buying agenda is, BusesDekho resonates just the right result, pulling out the most realistic – in least efforts.

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