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China's Elevated Bus Project in Trouble

China's Elevated Bus Project in Trouble
China's Elevated Bus Project in Trouble
Dec, 27-2016 | Published by :

China's prestigious elevated bus project seems to have landed in soup after making waves all over the world. The project had become famous as the elevated bus had the potential to ferry passengers while allowing cars to pass literally right through it.

It was only a few months ago, that China had introduced a marvel of a project to the world. The bus design was so inspirational that even India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi was left awestruck on the accomplishment. China was hoping to curb the rising traffic and pollution problems through the project. And though the trials were pretty much successful, the first prototype of the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB-1) may have just killed the project.

China conducted first trials of TEB-1 during August 2016 in Qinhuangdao located in its Hebei Province. Despite the success, it is learnt that the invention started receiving a lot of flak from within the country itself. The manufacturers of the invention were questioned on the height of the vehicle as it would not allow vehicles beyond a certain length to pass through. TEB-1 would have also spelt trouble for commercial vehicles like trucks and pickups which require high clearance height.

Critics had also questioned the ways drivers would make vehicles turn when driving right under the bus. Some had even claimed driving directly under the bus to exert extra pressure in the driver's mind. But the final blow on the nail came when Tebtech, the company behind the bus backtracked from its own invention. Sources claim the bus trial in Qinhuangdao wsas not approved by the Government of China. Tebtech had even claimed the trial to be a part of the internal testing phase. However, it could have simply been the company's plan to attract investors, say the experts.

The invention was indeed a marvel as it only required 16 percent of the amount to build a subway, but had the potential to transport 1400 people at one go, not to forgot less space consumption. But today, the Chinese government is itself reportedly trying to monitor, control and even censor news pertaining to what could have been the invention of the century.

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