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China Tests Transit Elevated Bus on the Road

China Tests Transit Elevated Bus on the Road
China Tests Transit Elevated Bus on the Road
Aug, 04-2016 | Published by :

China’s next ambitious project to counter traffic and pollution at the same time, a Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) has been tested out successfully on the road. The huge straddling bus made its demo run in Qinhungadao, Hebei Province, China. It has been designed to carry 1,400 hundred people at a time and let cars pass underneath it while making moves on the road. This would really solve China’s issues with increasing pollution and traffic on the roads.

Talking about TEB, it’s 22 meter long and 7.8 meter wide and the floor of this bus sits on a pair of stilts. It’s powered by electricity yet can hit a top speed of 60 km per hour. According to the chief engineer of this project, Mr. Song Youzhou, the TEB can virtually remove 40 conventional buses and can save 800 tonnes of fuel annually hence reducing yearly carbon emissions by 2,480 tonnes.

He also said, “The biggest advantage is that the bus will save lots of road space. The bus has the similar function of the subway, but its cost is only 16 per cent of the subway. The manufacturing and construction lead-time is also much shorter. Furthermore, the design is environmentally friendly.”