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Bajaj RE: Charting Through the Legacy’s History

Bajaj RE: Charting Through the Legacy’s History
Bajaj RE: Charting Through the Legacy’s History
Apr, 13-2016 | Published by : for Bajaj

Spanning across 36 countries with 50 lakh customers, Bajaj RE, the world’s no. 1 three-wheeler brand, offers public and commercial three wheeler vehicles for passenger transportation. With a heritage of over 50 years, Bajaj RE was introduced as a last mile connectivity option for the Indian roads.

After its inception in 1961, Bajaj RE not only created employment opportunities for lakhs of individuals, products from the brand also became an integral part of daily Indian transportation. Customers trusting the brand have increased over the years, and over the span of five decades, the numbers have increased from 12,784 to 46,20,053 (till 2010).

The biggest advantage that Bajaj RE products has is the introduction of extremely user friendly products. Plus, simple technology, easy upkeep and maintenance has drawn millions of individuals migrating from small towns to easily and happily start their livelihoods in the cities.

Bajaj RE’s auto rickshaws come with different fuel options for all categories (small, medium, and big) such as petrol, diesel, LPG and CNG. The brand’s wide range of products help meet the different fuel and budget requirements of the customers. Although Bajaj RE’s products have already become highly popular among the Indian masses, the company is continuously striving to explore new, pioneering dimensions for introducing innovative features in the market.

A trusted companion on the roads, Bajaj RE is the world’s largest manufacturer of three-wheelers. The brand is also the highest exporter of three-wheelers in India, thus turning into the highest employment generator.





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